Friday, March 15, 2013

Canada Go Home!!

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Being a Canadian, it's so sad that I have to post things like this. Not only are big oil companies destroying our land
they are out destroying the Amazon and hurting indigenous people.

These people that live in harmony with the earth. Something we've lost but could learn from them.

I've been sharing info like this for quite a while on my blog now, but little seems to happen. Please share and speak up and let's stop this from happening.

Help them to tell the oil companies "Go Home Canada"

"The oil giant Pacific Rubiales is headquartered in Canada and has already started oil exploration in ‘Block 135’ in Peru, which lies directly over an area proposed as an uncontacted tribes reserve. "

Amazon Indians unite against Canadian oil giant:

Amazon Indians from Peru and Brazil have joined together to stop a Canadian oil company destroying their land and threatening the lives of uncontacted tribes.

From Survival International

Amazon Indians unite against Canadian oil giant

The Matsés number around 2,200 and live along the Peru-Brazil border. Together with the closely-related Matis tribe, they were known as the ‘Jaguar people’ for their facial decorations and tattoos, which resembled the jaguar’s whiskers and teeth.

The Matsés were first contacted in the 1960s, and have since suffered from diseases introduced by outsiders. Uncontacted tribes are also at extreme risk from contact with outsiders through the introduction of diseases to which they have little or no immunity.

Despite promising to protect the rights of its indigenous citizens, the Peruvian government has allowed the $36 million project to go ahead. Contractors will cut hundreds of miles of seismic testing lines through the forest home of the uncontacted tribes, and drill exploratory wells.

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