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Just watched this video.  It's a hour long. It's VERY DISTURBING!! 

DO YOU EAT SALMON? Do like Sushi? Do you feed your children salmon? 
Do you check if it is WILD or ATLANTIC?
Are you a Fisherman? Do you live on the Fraser River or anywhere on the coast of BC?
Do you live in BC?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these, you MUST watch this!!

Salmon Confidential feb20 from Twyla Roscovich on Vimeo.
I admit, I kept getting email from Alexandra Morton, and I was getting a little tired of the whole thing UNTIL I watched this excellent explanation of the SERIOUS situation with our salmon.

Years ago I took anthropology and one of the interesting things was that in B.C. it talked about what an IMPORTANT role salmon played.

Ever since I heard there may be something up with the farmed Altantic salmon grown in pens on our coast, I have been careful never to eat them.

After watching this will NOT want to eat them either. Having a child this is a very worrying situation for myself and my child. Will there be wild salmon when she grows up.

Can we turn this thing around. Yes, Alex is doing her best to show in this video what is wrong and how to get a solution.

It's just so obvious. OBVIOUS!! When you have anything, any animal or human, any species together in mass numbers AND NOT IN A NATURAL ENVIRONMENT, disease occurs...and spreads. In nature, the creature is taken out by another strong creature, but in the farming environment it is abnormal. Similar to the public education is abnormal to have masses of children together...(but that's another issue.)

We need to be the Department of Wild Salmon!! We the people of BC need to Protect our salmon. In doing so we protect and save ourselves. Corporations are destroying the world, the farmed salmon experiement is a disaster and should have been stopped years ago. It's not being stopped because they are all worried about the trade deals. The salmon and our future are MORE IMPORTANT.

Please share this film widely, show it to your children, your parents, grandparents, we need to spread the word as quickly as possible and take action to shut those farms down immediately and start working to heal our life source, our salmon. OUR SALMON.

I have First Nations heritage and I was raised on the Fraser River from age 6 to 11, this is so very sad and disturbing that this is happening but it is not at all surprising.  When we detached ourselves from the environment and leave it up to the "GOVERNMENT" to protect us of course things will go ary!

Speak up and write your MLA and let's get everyone on the same page. Let's build a lab here but more than that let's just get rid of those farms, SHUT THEM DOWN and let's start working on getting things back to their natural state.

We have a HUGE job ahead of us...but we CAN do it, WE HAVE TO....we have to do it FOR OUR CHILDREN!!

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