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World Water Day March 22 2013

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The world is an AMAZING place. WATER is AMAZING! We are so dependant on water. Our lives depend on it. Yet we take it for granted.

When we returned from 6 months in Mexico it felt so AMAZING to put our toothbrush under the tap, and to take a sip from a glass of water that came from the tap. Many countries can not do that.

In many countries, women walk two miles just to get some dirty water to feed themselves and there children.

In countries where people live on the river and where they work, eat, drink and play, their river is being destroyed. Do you know about these people.

Can you help these people? I've tried, I have tried to spread the word.

They are trying.

New Protest Paralyzes Brazil's Belo Monte Dam

In Canada, we have big problems.
Many First Nations here do not have access to clean water.
I received an email today. This is what it said.

The right to water is a human right, yet over 115 First Nations have problems accessing safe drinking water – that’s nearly one in five First Nation communities, affecting thousands of families.

As people across Canada and around the world mark March 22 as World Water Day, CUPE is proud to launch the “Enough is Enough” campaign to raise public awareness on water issues facing Indigenous peoples in Canada – First Nations, Inuit and Métis.

This summer we were blessed to spend the time in the Cowichan Valley. We were so happy playing by the river each day. You can imagine our shock later when we found out it was drying up. I did what I could to help and you can help too.

From Green Peace- Stop the Endbridge Pipeline

The pipeline would cross 1,000 streams and rivers, many of which are key habitat for salmon and other species. It would pass through the unceded traditional territory of dozens of BC First Nations and the Great Bear Rainforest – the last intact temperate rainforest in the world. Enbridge has, on average, a record of one spill every week from its pipelines between 1999-2008.  

So many of us are so blessed. But today on World Water Day please stop and think the next time you pour yourself a glass a water or take a nice hot bath, we are so lucky. VERY LUCKY, yet it could all change IF we don't make collective efforts to protect our environment. 

Please take action where you can- here's a few place to start.
-Stop the Pipeline - protect our West Coast
-Protect the Salmon- they feed us
-Protect our watersheds- it's our drinking water
-Protect our rivers- especially the Fraser and the Cowichan

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