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The Bumpy Road- "Woodstock, Mental Hospitals & Mexico"

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"The Bumpy Road- by Don Karp
A Memoir of Culture Clash, Including:
The Woodstock Festival, Mental Hospitals, and Living in Mexico."

Description for the book:

Everyone lives a personal “hero’s journey”. The Bumpy Road shows how culture clash, is a muse for creative transformation. It tells the story of childhood followed by adolescent confusion. A boy struggles to become a man by buying into institutions that did not work for him--a marriage to a woman whose entire self-concept was tied to “the relationship”, and as a science student in academia where success is about publish or perish: lies, back-stabbing, and the old boy club. The 60’s culture came and personal chaos ensued. Relying on mental institutions to correct the evils of the aforementioned institutions created new problems instead. But the human spirit is resilient. The Bumpy Road details how the habit of going to the hospital for help was broken, and a new artistic identity replaced the old one. Primed for seizing cultural diversity opportunities, new struggles and success were encountered in Mexico. The Bumpy Road promotes self-examination encouraging transformation.

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"The Bumpy Road, A Memoir of Culture Clash Including Woodstock, Mental Hospitals, and Living in Mexico"

Memoir Presentation: "The Bumpy Road", by Don KarpMarch 25
Unique Peerspectives, 466 S. Salina, Syracuse , NY 13202

See my experiences inside and on the outside of Hutchings and other mental hospitals. How did I manage to get out and stay out? How I headed South, and survive well there writing, playing music, and etc.

Memoir Book Presentation
: "The Bumpy Road", by Don Karp
 March 28 at 7:00pm in UTC-06
ArtRage Gallery, 505 Hawley Avenue Syracuse, New York 13203

Slide show and discussion

Memoir Presentation: "The Bumpy Road", by Don Karp
April 7 at 3:00pm in UTC-05
Sirius Community, Orchard Room, 72 Baker Rd, Shutesbury, MA 01072

How I transitioned from mainstream aspirations, via sixties alternatives, and membership at Sirius Community for six years, to writing, playing in a band, teaching sacred geometry, and etc, in Mexico during the past 9 years.

Memoir Presentation: "The Bumpy Road", by Don Karp
April 13 at 3:00pm in UTC-05
Frances Crowe Community Meeting Room, 60 Masonic Street in Northampton, MA

Free show and discussion of memoir

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