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New Travel Video Contest- BBB - $50,000

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Vote for me

Well I'm at it again. There's another travel video contest and I thought well I'll give it a shot. The chances of winning one of these aren't to good, but I have to be positive and hope that I have a chance. If I don't give it a shot I'll never know and each time I do one of these I get a little better so let's see what happens. Can you please vote for me. And if you are one of those people who have 4000 facebook friends or 25,000 twitter followers can you ask them to vote for me.

So come on Kitsilano, vote for me!! Please and everyone else who reads my blogs, I would really appreciate it. And everyone who read Adventurez in Mexico http://adventurezinmexico.blogspot.mx/ well you know my work so you know if I go on a trip around the world you're going to see some aweome videos and photos and vicariously go on some incredible adventurez!! :) Right!!

Even if I make the top ten I get to go to the UK!! That would be wonderful as I have never been to Europe.

This is how they decide so votes are VERY IMPORTANT!
The one (1) winner will be chosen by 3 stages:

Stage One, Shortlist - After the Entry Period closes there will be ten (10) shortlist Entrants who will be notified via email. The ten (10) will shortlist Entrants will be selected by:
  • Five (5) will come from the most popular entries, as determined by those that have received the most public support by way of the total number of Social Media shares/likes.
  • Five (5) will come from entries chosen by the Organizer and the Guest Judge.
Stage Two, Finalists - The shortlisted ten (10) will brought to the UK for Saturday 18th May 2013 to Friday 24th May 2013, with arrangements made and paid for by the Organizer, for a week of challenges and experiences designed to represent a visit to a destination on the winners journey. During this week an interview process will also take place.

Stage Three, Winner - The winner will be announced at a closing ceremony in London, UK on the 24th May 2013.

The decision of the judging panel will be final.


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