Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Homeless & the children are mad at her

Can we get this story to go viral?

I can relate to this so well. We moved 9 times since I had Angel...the rents just got higher...until I just couldn't do it. I could never really do it ...not while she was little and then when she was older...it wasn't any easier.

There was supposed to be a subsidy and I thought I could do that but they had a rule you had to have been in the county the last year...and we had been in Mexico for 5 months. (Because I packed up everything and put it in storage when the decided to jackhammer off the outside of the building...)

Anyways, read this story. Walk in this woman's shoes.


We can fix it.
Basic Income to start...Fairness so that everyone can have a home, food, medical...

There is enough for all but some are greedy. Some of the most greedy are the politicians and CEO's. CC she had ALL the power and the time to turn things around but she didn't. She just put her kid in private school and jetted all over...she reminds me very much of the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland. I bet you right now if she would read this she'd be yelling...

Lack of affordable rentals on the Coast: working mom with three kids homeless soon

(by Margot Grant)

"The family was now homeless. Karen put her stuff in storage. The cat went to a foster home.
A friend of a friend offered her the use of a trailer for $650 a month. It has no bathroom and nothing works. It is dirty and it stinks, she says. The children do not want to be there. The two oldest stay at friends’ houses while the youngest can stay with his father. The children are mad at her, Karen says. “They ask me why other people have a place and we don’t.”

A friend with a small cabin offered Karen the occasional use of his only bedroom, which has bunk beds, so the children can visit with their mother. On the nights they are in his house, he sleeps on a shelf above the fridge because there is no other place for a bed. Full story here

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