Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Will you help us immerse ourselves in culture?

My daughter was 4.5 when my mom passed and we were in Nelson.
We moved during Kindergarten. We had 4 teachers in that one year. 2 in Nelson because the first teacher needed a knee operation and so another teacher took over. But in Vancouver, the same thing happened. The first teacher got sick and so another came.

On the first day of grade one some really funky things happened and it was the catalyst that pushed me to buy the tickets...and because I had managed to scrape together enough money and off we went to Mexico, so she could learn about her Mexican culture, language and landscapes.
Here's a little post about it. http://adventurezinmexico.blogspot.ca/2016/12/to-zipolite-with-love.html
on my blog Zipolita'z & Angelita'z Adventurez in Mexico

This is a great video and it explains so simply what is wrong with the way people learn these days and what is considered "normal everyday life" and what is school and how it got there.

And this doesn't even mention the TRUTH... about the evilness of Residential Schools and how that was the horrendous way of assimilating all the Indigenous people for 125 years and it's legacy lives with so many children taken away (stolen) and put in the welfare system and the parents put in jail...it is still happening, just a different format but there has been good and Shane Pointe talks about it here...but we have so much work to do.

And do you SEE how evil corporate greed and selfish politicians hurt so many children, teachers, families, so bad that they had to go to court. Angel had 16 teachers/subs in grade 7. It was truly insane.

Teachers Federation of BC Wins in Supreme Court!!!

So my kid's been brainwashed by the system. She's convinced she needs to stay in school. I am like what the "f" are you learning there that we can't learn from the environment (Mother Earth) and the internet (Google God).

Traveling is huge.
 Learning another language and culture and it is her culture. Her father is Mexican and she has half siblings, nephews, nieces, cousins and they all speak Spanish and live in Mexico and we have not been there for 5 years. It is too long.

When I made my first trip with her it took my 7 years from the time she was conceived to the time she actually met her father.

She has forgotten SO MUCH! and she doesn't even know or realize it. Time is like that.

So I am putting it out there. I want to take her on a big trip. Maybe just to go to Mexico. Maybe bigger... like a train across so called "Canada" and fly to Portugal, go to Sweden, (Prague-Bohemia) and then to Mexico and up to Vancouver Island (Nanoose Bay) ...

See that would be tracing my roots and hers. Maybe I could make a documentary about it all. That's the dream.

And I am not asking for freebies, I want to sell my art to pay for it. So that's why I was thinking of doing an auction or something. Maybe use Facebook Live or something because I want to donate some of the money raised to help the environmental causes that need help fighting the stupid government/pipelines/fishfarms/dams/Lng ...I don't know yet.

I just know I have to do something soon. I would like to de-phone ourselves. I bought her a phone for safety but her and I are on it way to much...I want us to spend time on the beach, in the woods, outside enjoying life, learning new things, customs, culture.

My Spanish sucks right now, my French is basically non-existent. She on the other hand is finishing up a year of French and Spanish. So impressed she could do both at the same time. Now she needs immersion.

Will you help us immerse ourselves in culture?


See I made this paintings to raise awareness for the causes I love but also to hopefully fund a big trip or a big move. I need a tiny house and a garden...all my stuff is in storage, I want to get it out. 

So can I be honest here. I can't really fundraise because I have a history of old student loans/ debt...and well while I paid off more than half it all fell apart just before I had Angel, when I got downsized and well what ever... I haven't had a credit card in all that time. 15+ years.

Could you do that? Live with out a credit card. So not sure how all that funding stuff works(haven't looked into it in years) but I don't think I can collect it. It will have to go into a friends name and then they will have to give it to me. So if you are wondering that is why I have never done it. I hope I don't regret being honest here. Okay, I will keep you posted as I figure out the details.

oh ps. I tried something on Kickstarter many years ago...to travel with Angel and they denied it. That was before all the big craze of crowdfunding. And for the longest time I felt guilty to ask because it seems so many others have such valid causes.

**Before I took the first trip with Angel, I tried to fund it myself and encourage people to help fund each portion...like one person pays the bus tix, one pays the plane, one the hotel...but then someone in my family made me sad as they laughed at me and said "no one is going to pay for your vacation"

So then I gave up...and then all things funding things happened. 

Well it will be up to everyone to decide but the way those things work is you have to get 30% from friends and family and then people will consider giving...so my social media family, would you be willing to help me? We will see. 


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