Thursday, May 11, 2017

Green Party Big Winner with ONLY 3 SEATS!!!!

Some may claim this was alternative or fake news but it's not.
I heard it announced on the tv that Andrew Weaver is the most powerful man in BC last night.

There's been some wonderful articles with great charts and info, check it out!!

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy Greens!!

 Great Article!! This is great news, I had no idea!! Did you?

Clark Is Done; NDP and Greens Now Need to Deliver the Change BC Voted For

"Even if absentee ballots and recounts were to unfortunately give Clark a bare majority, there is no way the BC Liberals can continue for long.

Why? Because it only takes one BC Liberal MLA crossing the floor to the NDP or Greens or to sit as an independent or quitting or, god forbid, passing away, and the B.C. legislature is no longer controlled by Christy Clark.

Or it could be one or two BC Liberal MLAs calling in sick or missing a confidence vote for the government to be defeated. That means either NDP leader John Horgan would be asked to form a new government, with Green Party support, or a new election be called."

Greeeen, eeen, eeen, Green, Green, Green

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ Greeeen, eeen, eeen, Green, Green, Green  ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

oopsies...little mistake..

B.C. election results leave Alberta feeling green about the gills

"And the winner is …

Andrew Weaver, leader of British Columbia’s Green Party.

And the loser is …

Rachel Notley, premier of Alberta.

Even though we won’t know for another few weeks the official results of British Columbia’s squeaker election, we can draw a few conclusions already.

It’s fair to say the Green Party was a big winner even though it captured just three seats out of 87."





This is why CC must go! How can you let this happen and think you are doing a good job for the people. Remember Families First. Yah right!

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