Friday, May 26, 2017

What if the Mount Polley Disaster happened to Stanley Park?

My friend from San Francisco visited last week and he just loved Vancouver. He  thought it was paradise. So clean and GREEN!

We are blessed. I haven't actually ridden around  STANLEY PARK  yet this year...need to get my bike fixed but I do love it there. As well as the millions of others that have visited.

Now for a second, let's think the UNIMAGINABLE!
That someone poured TOXIC SOUP all over our precious gem.
What would happen? OUTRAGE right?

So that already happened for real. 

It is called the MT. POLLEY DISASTER as YET nothing is happening. People are too busy with their own lives and because it's out of sight out of mind, we don't think about it and of course it is so HORRIBLE we don't want to think about.

This is reality folks. This could REALLY HAPPEN TO YOUR HOME!! 

How would you feel?

 How would you feel? Think, how would you feel if this happened to your home and no one did anything, one listened...the government and the politicians and police....the law...did nothing...

Because that is how corporations works. They are protected by the government, by corrupt greedy politicians and CEO and they force the police to protect them because of laws invented and put forth by the corporations. The best example of this is what happened at Clayoquot Sound. You must watch this video to UNDERSTAND the true SCOPE of the warped laws that have been created by the corporations and carried out by the law. IT IS SO WRONG. It makes the good guys bad and the bad guys good. THIS MUST CHANGE if there is any hope for our children and children's children.


This is how high the TOXIC MUD was when it came through. NOW imagine this was our beloved STANLEY PARK, what would you do? what wouldn't you do.

REALITY CHECK FOLKS. Why is STANLEY PARK more important that this paradise lost?
(printscreen from video below)

So I get it, there's a bunch of old dudes with lots of money and they think they are entitled to everything because sadly that was the bs that they have been fed, taught and raised with. They are the old unenlightened ones...but it is time for them to move on...they will die off soon but their evil toxic legacy will live on for centuries...millenium because you CAN NOT CLEAN THIS UP!!!

The damage done to MOTHER EARTH  in the last 200 years is EPIC in scale to a meteor destroying the dinosaurs.

Soon we will be the dinosaurs.

Think about that ....think long and hard...because it's the truth. UNLESS we change our ways...

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