Friday, October 7, 2011

14 Peruvian Shamans Killed-Please Help Stop This!

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PLEASE! Please Speak Out! We need your help! A terrible thing has happened and the only way we can prevent it from spreading is if we unitedly speak up and get help to stop it.

Peruvian Times

14 Peruvian Shamans have been murdered. It is believed they were murdered for their spiritual beliefs and practices. The Shamans have invaluable ancient wisdom that must be preserved and passed on. The jungle in which they live an endangered and the indigenous tribes that live there are suffering from the advances of the outside world. We need to act and contact the people listed below to STOP these horrible violent crimes. How does one kill? let alone in the name of God, or Justice.

As quoted from the article:
Report: 14 Shamans Killed in Loreto Region
October 5, 2011 by ·

"The provincial prosecutor’s office said that the murders were allegedly ordered by the mayor of Balsa Puerto, Alfredo Torres, and carried out by his brother, Augusto, locally known as “the witch hunter.”"

"Rogger Rumrill, a leading researcher on Amazonian issues, said the murders are related to “protestant sects” that Torres and his brother belong to, the daily said.

“For these protestant sects, the shamans are people possessed by demons, so they have to be killed,” Rumrill said." 

As my friend Ja Azura states:  In this time, in this era, we still are destroying our ancient wisdom? Have we not learned from the Spanish Inquisition, from Nazi Germany?

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Boo Radley said...

Yurimaguas is a beautiful river town that has a tranquility and serenity that makes you settle in very comfortably. I had planned on being there within a month, but now I will go further down the river to a place that is less accessible. Yurimaguas is accessible by dirt road from the outside world.

I can't help but put some of the blame for the shamans' deaths on the intrusive nature of the Western world on the up-until-recently quiet activities of the jungle. Westerners are now flocking to the jungle, singing loudly the praises of shamanism. They have brought Capitalism to the area, and this to me seems like a newer version of the colonialism and exploitation that has cost the indigenous of South America countless millions of lives.

Having spent many years in the jungles and on the rivers, I have seen this ugly transformation as Gringoes establish lucrative healing centers, all incorporating the use of the native healers to help in their quests for money. Of course, all of this is under the guise of healing.

The publicity that has been generated in the otherwise esoteric, arcane world of the shaman has brought a lot of negative consequences. I personally try to be as unobtrusive as possible and try to blend in a s much as possible rather than try to take over the scene as I've seen so many Gringo 'shamans' try to do in Iquitos.

If you go to the jungle, please don't try to bring the practices of the Ayahuasqueros to the outside world although it's probably too late. Next thing you know, there will be shaman interviews on the late-night talk shows.

Tina Winterlik said...

Thank you Boo, I believe so much of what you say is true. Their practices need to be kept true to the source. It is so disturbing that everything once beautiful and pure is corrupted but greed. I only want to learn, and respect it for the unique rich value it holds. Thanks again for sharing. I always remember that from my anthropology classes it is so important to observe and immerse yourself but not try to change, which is really impossible in so many senses. You make great points and I hope people will pay attention. Thank you again!
Safe Travels,Tina