Thursday, October 6, 2011

Who Lives in Harmony with the Planet?

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Survival International has produced their own Television Ad and here is a sneak peak. I would love to go to the jungle and learn from them these people who know how to live in harmony with the jungle and Mother Earth.

I would especially love it if my child could go.

I know she would love it, she loves nature so much. The thing is right now the indigenous people are in terrible trouble fighting for survival from the outside world. Instead of learning from them we only continue with our lives turning our backs on there great wisdom and knowledge.

But let's step back and think for a moment...What if, ....what if for some bizarre reason...we have no electricity, what if we have no access to phones, computers, banking....nothing. How will we survive. How will our children survive. This is a serious question...ridiculous one may say...but you don't know, the earth is a pretty screwed up place and we don't know what the future holds.

Doesn't it make sense to stop what we are doing and value these people. Value their incredible knowledge and learn how to live in harmony with the earth. Something has to change because something is going to happen. Mother Earth is getting sicker all the time and for all we know a massive solar flare could wipe out our electricity. Here's a thought, how did you feel the last time the lights went out. What would you do if there was no more electricity. Pretty scary huh!!

These people live with no electricity and they are happy! We need to try to be more like them...we have a choice, what choice will we make?


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