Saturday, October 22, 2011

Videos of Suzuki at Occupy Vancouver Oct 22 2011

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 David Suzuki was at the Occupy Vancouver Protest- here is what he said.

From the CBC News- Occupy Vancouver protesters vow to maintain presence

"We forgot the lessons taught to us by our parents and grandparents who came through the Great Depression: 

Live within your means. 

Save some for tomorrow. 

Satisfy your needs, not your wants. 

Help your neighbours because some day they will help you," Suzuki said to applause.

"The party is over. We've got to remember those old aphorisms, clean up our mess and start thinking about our grandchildren."

Suzuki also spoke about the importance of protecting the planet.
"Let's put the 'eco' back in economics," he said. Read More Here

Here are 2 videos from the OccupyVancouverMedia Youtube Channel

Suzuki in Montreal

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