Sunday, October 9, 2011


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Paul McCartney just got married again. Wow! Let's hope it's much happier than last time. That was a nightmare. I like the sound of this lady, she sounds very low key.

Wow, is he ever frigging rich though. Shocking that some people can be so rich. Can't wrap my head around it. In this article (below) it states that he has $770 million, truthfully it sort of makes me want to throw up. 

What a weird distorted world we live in. People starving and yet someone has this incredible wealth. I just hope he is sharing it, or he does when he dies...but will we be here, Mother Earth is pretty sick and who knows how long she will hold up.

How will our children fair? Paul if your listening, I hope you start a bunch of Edible Schoolyards and Survival schools because our kids are going to need them if the rich just keep wasting all the money on silly things and the poor get poorer.

Something has got to give and that's just logical. I love the Beatles, don't get me wrong, I grew up with them, my older sister listened to them and went to there concerts so it was ingrained in me.

Their music shaped me. I just hope that what was reaped from all that love and devotion to the music and be returned and shared with the world...the children of the world.

McCartney weds US heiress in third marriage AFPBy Alice Ritchie | AFP – 1 hour 52 minutes ago

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Love is all we need! Or so they said!

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