Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hurricane Jova- Say Prayers

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Say lots of prayers today for the people in Bucerias, Puerto Vallarta and everyone in Jalisco and all the surrounding area. There is a Hurricane that is bearing down on them and we need to pray hard to protect everyone.

Hurricane Jova Targets Mexico's Pacific Coast- Banderas News
From BOOK OF ANGELS by Francis Melville.

Prayer for Hurricanes
In the name of the all- powerful Creator
I invoke you, great Angel Zamiel,
As the Angel of Hurricanes,
To calm the fury of this terrible storm.
May you divert it from it's path from the most vulnerable places
to blow itself out where few can come to harm
I honor and thank you for hearing my prayer
In the name of the Almighty.

Photo by Tina Winterlik

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