Saturday, October 10, 2015

If you want a better Canada- Strategic Voting Explained!

Did you know in the last election 5 million peoples vote did not count! wtf!!

This video clearly explains how we can change that. Please watch and explain it to your friends!!

The friends that your are taking with you when you go vote!!  Make a day of it, have fun, go for coffee after! Have voting party! 

After we get rid of Harper we can have a real party. But we are going to have to work together because it's going to take us all working together! Voting together!

We are counting on all the non-voters to show up!! We NEED YOU!! CANADA NEEDS YOU! 

Then when the next PM brings in Proportional Representation, things will change and we will not have this archaic voting system. 

If you want a better Canada...

How to Vote out Harper! (Strategic Voting for Dumies)
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