Monday, October 5, 2015

Pete would be so Proud!! Anyone BUT Harper

You know a few months back I watched a  documentary about Peter Seger and I was so moved by his activism and his beautiful spirit. I mentioned something in Raffi's fb page about would be lovely to have a song to unite us.

Then came Harperman   and it was thrilling to watch it spark something in everyone.. and it's taking off.

 More and more singers  and bands are coming together. From Neil Young who was way ahead of the game and trying to get the word out to this band here, I LOVE YOU!! I love you for caring about this wonderful gorgeous country of ours that has SO MUCH POTENTIAL. WE CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING!!


Are YOU going to give it away? Are you going to just let some older generation who MAY NOT have your best interest at heart, dictate YOUR FUTURE?

Use it! If you love going for walks, paddle boarding, making love in a grassy field, going for long hikes, surfing, chilling with friends singing around a campfire, snowboarding, love eating healthy, sharing good times in nature please SPEAK NOW because LATER WILL BE TOO LATE!

How do you speak out? You vote! 

Canada is at a crossroads. Harper has planned this long election campaign, to tire you out and piss you off so that you won't make the effort to vote. He is counting on you NOT PARTICIPATING!!

Want to do something RADICAL!! Then VOTE!! Shock the sh*t out of everyone and FLIP EVERYTHING ON IT'S HEAD!!

YOU CAN DO IT! If the 18-24's unite you could change EVERYTHING!

Canada is your oyster. What are you going to do?

Land You Love - Hey Rosetta! & Yukon Blonde from Phil Maloney on Vimeo.

Here's the words posted on Vimeo

Land You Love
A song concerning the upcoming 2015 federal election.

Please visit VOTETOGETHER.CA and vote to avoid another tragic Harper government.

Performed by Hey Rosetta! (NL) & Yukon Blonde (BC)
Written by Tim Baker
Camera A and edit by Phil Maloney
Camera B - Justin Tobin
Thanks to Joey Sadler for all the help.

land you love
what have we lost, poisoned, or crushed?
what highest hopes were stolen from us?
what holy rolling hills were cut into dust?
what voices were stifled, silenced, scared and carried off?
do you think we can hide? (no)
put your head in the sand? (no)
do you think we can ride it out?
well some of us can’t
who’s after taking our wages and our trust?
our women forsaken, forgotten, and lost
our holy rolling hills, our waters, our crops
are hid in their bills, pushed through and hushed up and sold off like pawns
do they think they can hide them? (no)
keep our heads in the sand? (no)
do they think they can ride it out for another one?
well we say they can’t
there is a time (oh)
when a change has to come (oh)
for you to speak your mind (oh)
for you to fight for the land you love
when i was a child, i sang the anthem with pride
it stood for justice, peace, and human rights
it stood for the holy rolling hills and a home for all walks of life
and it must again, for my children, and theirs
do you think they can hide? (no)
put their heads in the sand? no
you think they can ride it out?
well some of em can’t
no now is the time (oh)
when a change has to come (oh)
for you to draw a line (oh)
and to fight for the land you love

OH YEAH, you should share this with Harper, I think he's forgotten #3

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