Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Come On Ladies, LET'S CLEAN HOUSE!!

Amazing how this scene plays out perfectly if you imagine...

Canada is played by the wild, fiery, confident and loving soul Nicole Kidman who is unfortunately possessed by Stephen Harper aka Jimmy.

Democracy is played by quiet down to earth, eco-mom  Sandra Bullock who fights to rescue Canada and exorcise Stephen Harper from her.

With the help of  Powerful Courageously Committed Women TOGETHER they vanquish the demon from Canada.

 They do it through LOVE!!

The scene I wanted to share was where they say "Let's clean house!!" BUT it's not online, sadly.

You'll have to watch to movie and see for yourself!!

 I am not the best at the descriptions. Perhaps some of you might want to redo the above with better descriptions.

Ladies, Let's Vote out Harper and 

Vote in Democracy! 
Social, Climate, Migrant, Gender Justice!
"In this report [by the United Nations Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development], we are arguing that complacency and failure to address cyberviolence could significantly impede the uptake of broadband services by girls and women worldwide.  the net is an amazing resource for female empowerment and we need to ensure that as many girls and women as possible benefit from the amazing possibilities it offers." - Doreen Bogdan-Martin, Chief-Strategic Planning at the ITU

Once you read this I hope your ready to CHANGE EVERYTHING!!



From the Website Shit Harper Did

Ladies, maybe he just isn't that into you. 17 ways Harper and the Conservatives have hurt and ignored women.

In 2015, Canada is barely recognizable.  Our environmental policies are an embarrassment, our economy is in the toilet and we are starting to look like our weird cousins down south.  And women are further behind than they were a decade ago. We crunched the numbers and the Conservatives did a smash up job in putting on the brakes and reversing hard over the advancement of Canadian women.

When Conservatives asked about important issues for women today, they took very specific notes and then shredded them along with the Long Gun Registry. So we would like to congratulate all of the women who survived domestic violence during the past 9 years, you did it with less resources than some of the women before you!

The conservative government just can’t come out and say how much they hate women, that would be weird. But they can, and they have, taken everything they could away from us!

Ladies, maybe he just isn't that into you. 17 ways Harper and the Conservatives have hurt and ignored women.

  1. Harper just can’t really be bothered to address gender inequality. “According to a report issued by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives last fall, Canada lacks the political will to achieve equality between men and women.”
  2. Harper would rather not talk about women. Plans for a women's-issues debate in the current federal election campaign collapsed after the Prime Minister declined to participate and NDP Leader Tom Mulcair later chose not to participate without Harper's attendance.

  3. Click here to see the rest of the list

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