Thursday, October 22, 2015


He's REAL, he's ALIVE, he can DANCE and he's funny!! Now he can breath NEW LIFE into Canada after Harper tried to squeeze the life of it !!

Hurray for our future!! Here's looking forward and sending love and light and positive energy that great things will happen. 

He said he will hope, I pray it's true and he will keep and improve on his promises. We need help with income and housing.

Trudeau commits to record investments in Canadian children and poverty reduction
"Investing in social housing is much more than putting a roof over people's heads. It also creates stable, well-paid jobs that families can rely on," the Liberal leader said during his speech at the Alexandra Park Community Centre.

The community centre is a central hub for a neighbourhood in the midst of a revitalization project run by the Toronto Community Housing Corporation, which operates social housing projects in the city.
"We know that access to affordable and safe housing is part of the solution to many social issues, such as child poverty, student debt and our ability to help people with serious mental health issues and addiction."

I voted Green but so very happy that Trudeau is in and Harper is gone.

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Holly Wilson said...

We have really been blessed. Nice blog (and I don't usually read blogs)