Thursday, December 31, 2015

Enormous Hotel Fire but Fireworks Go Ahead?? Wtf?

Updated info from Al Jazeera

Dennis Mallari, a Dubai-based photographer, was at the 48th floor of the hotel, when the fire broke out. He was trapped for about two hours before rescuers could get him. 
"It happened so fast. I quickly grabbed my camera, but the next thing I knew, thick black smoke had already blocked my path to the exit. I thought it was the end," Mallari, who was there to cover the 2016 New Year countdown, told Al Jazeera.

To escape from the "suffocating" smoke, Mallari had to tie himself to a cable, using his belt and camera strap, and partly hang from the balcony.

Oshaeni Idahosa, a resident at The Address, said:  "When we looked out it was fire on the balcony. We started running out.

"I'm still in shock. The sprinklers didn't come out, there were no sprinklers. There's no fire alarm."

Despite the massive fire, the New Year's Eve fireworks show nearby at the world's tallest building went ahead as planned.


HUGE HOTEL FIRE has struck in Dubai on New Years Eve. My prayers for everyone there, fires are terrifying and this is very bad just from the footage YET they are claiming no injuries. I hope that is true. Will update this more info comes...

Massive fire rips through Dubai skyscraper near New Year's celebration

Images of fire on Twitter 

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