Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sharing Canada's Environment Minister- Catherine McKenna Vlogs

Just want to thank you to Catherine McKenna for all the hard work she is doing! Thank God we have her on our side, let's just pray she achieves the goals we need to succeed.
#COP21 Climate Conference in Paris
Catherine Mary McKenna, PC MP (born August 5, 1971) is a Canadian Liberal politician, who was elected to represent the riding of Ottawa Centre in the House of Commons of Canada in the 2015 federal election. She was appointed as Minister of Environment and Climate Change in the Cabinet, headed by Justin Trudeau, on November 4, 2015.[2]

Christy Clark- yes Canada was well received but not you Ms. LNG /Fracking /Tankers/Pipelines/FishFarms- You DO have a LOT of work ahead, cleaning up destruction. 

You were really quick to promote the #BCTech and focus on that.

Let's hope you have seen the light and take the olive branch extended to you and Green this province the way it was created.

English translation for French -
MINISTER MCKENNA: Mr. Minister, why is it important for us to work together?

MINISTER HEURTEL: So, Minister, it’s… Moreover, I congratulate you for your actions here in Paris over the last few days. Because we really feel a spirit of collaboration among the federal government, the provinces and territories. Also, it will be together that we will succeed in fighting climate change. A great collaboration is taking shape and that is why it is important that we do that first and foremost from our end obviously for Quebeckers but also for all Canadians. And it’s extraordinary what we… what we are beginning here in Paris. Also, the work that we will continue to do there together in the coming months and years.

MINISTER MCKENNA: Thank you for being here. We will work together and Quebec has done a lot of work so we will be a partner going forward.

MINISTER HEURTEL: Certainly. Thank you very much.

MINISTER MCKENNA: Thank you very much for that.

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