Friday, December 11, 2015


Did You Miss Human Rights Day? You can still write a Letter!

If you missed it, it's okay, you can still take time to do your part. Yesterday Dec 10th was Human Rights Day and it was such a busy day, will the arrival of some of the new refugees coming to Canada to make this their new home. I hope they enjoy it and it works out for them.  I know it's hasn't been easy for other refugees but most seem happy but they work so hard. Just like me. I have worked with many refugees over the years. And I have heard many stories of the terrible hardships they faced.

I am deeply grateful that I have been blessed and that with the new government we have rights again. I was truly afraid for a long time but I have hope again. I do not know what is in store exactly, I can only hope, meditate and pray that all will work out for the better. 

We've had hard times too! Canada hasn't been an easy place to live, my parents and grandparents all worked hard, and so did I, and sadly I really did not know my rights well enough or have not had the courage or conviction to pursue them. That happens when you get overwhelmed by the loss of your rights.  

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