Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Marshall Islands, I hear you!!

I am so sorry I can not do more, but I am sharing your story and saying prayers for you. My friends in Mexico, at certain times of year the whole beach washes away...and they replace it and rebuild. It happened this year. And that is a bad and I feel very bad for them...and they have no place to go as it is there home....but to be an island...where can't you get sand from...? what CAN you do?

I live at the ocean, how high will the water come...what does the future hold? What if there's more eco disasters with pipelines and spills, earthquakes from LNG...oh, I don't want to go there.

I want to be positive, but you, you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. I pray for you. I pray and meditate for positive things to happen to all of us on this earth. We need lighthouses of peace.

Please Share the Marshall Islands story. It's life and death...

Maybe this is why some in the US don't want any refugees, they have the Marshall Islanders to look after.  But so many people are NOT aware so I doubt it's that!

Excerpts from New York Times

The Marshall Islands Are Disappearing

"But for all his diplomatic acumen, Mr. deBrum’s advocacy for a small island nation being swallowed by a vast ocean does not always rise above the roar of the surf. At a recent conference convened to draft the Paris accord, Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar of India listened to his pleas, then responded brusquely, “So what?”"

"But the Marshall Islands holds an important card: Under a 1986 compact, the roughly 70,000 residents of the Marshalls, because of their long military ties to Washington, are free to emigrate to the United States, a pass that will become more enticing as the water rises on the islands’ shores."

"Most of the 1,000 or so Marshall Islands, spread out over 29 narrow coral atolls in the South Pacific, are less than six feet above sea level — and few are more than a mile wide. For the Marshallese, the destructive power of the rising seas is already an inescapable part of daily life. Changing global trade winds have raised sea levels in the South Pacific about a foot over the past 30 years, faster than elsewhere. Scientists are studying whether those changing trade winds have anything to do with climate change."

"In neighborhoods like Mr. Anej’s, after the sewage-filled tides wash into homes, fever and dysentery soon follow. On other islands, the wash of saltwater has penetrated and salinated underground freshwater supply. On Majuro, flooding tides damaged hundreds of homes in 2013. The elementary school closed for nearly two weeks to shelter families. That same year, the airport temporarily closed after tides flooded the runway."

"During the Cold War, the United States military detonated 67 nuclear bombs on or close to the nearby Bikini Atoll and Enewetak Atoll — after first relocating the Bikini Islanders to different locations around the Marshalls."

"At age 9, Mr. deBrum was fishing with his grandfather when he saw the flash of one of the tests on the horizon. “Within seconds, the entire sky had turned red, like a fishbowl had been put over my head, and blood poured over it,” he recalled."

"The deal offered: an open door to the Marshallese and Bikini Islanders. That bargain has already fostered communities of thousands of Marshall Islanders in Springdale, Ark., and Salem, Ore., fleeing a deluged future. "

"That 1986 compact also established a United States government fund to support Bikini Islanders — as long as they continued to live in the Marshall Islands. Now the Bikini Islanders want to use that fund to move to the United States."

Here's an video of the Maldives, same shit! Climate Change is real and for some it's too late...When is enough?

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