Monday, September 19, 2011

The Dog & the Mysterious Coconut!

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2011!/zipolita @zipolita Google+

So I have to tell you about the funny story that happened today. We are at the beach (in Vancouver- West Coast of Canada) and my friend turns to me and says "What do you think that is in the water?" " I don't know but it looks like a coconut. ...but it must be a ball. " "Yah, probably a ball!" my friend says.

So we sit and relax and in a bit decide to collect the kid and leave, as we get closer water, we see, it is a coconut!! We tell my daughter, she sees and she wants it. Just then this dog sees and he wants it.

It's a big golden lab and he goes for it, but it's huge and he can't get his mouth around it. I get worried as it's going out farther and farther and I'm afraid he'll get too cold and to far out and I mention this to Angel ...loud enough to the owner and we try calling him in. No good, he keeps going for it...the coconut keeps turning and going out, a few times he manages to get it back ,but then the darn thing turns again.

Eventually we coax the dog in. We are all calling, the owner, my child and me,"Good boy, Good boy!!" but just as the owner turns her back he goes for it again!!  I wish I would have had my camera.

Again he's trying and trying, and I am thinking "he'll never get it, I hope nothing bad doesn't happen" I don't know why I wasn't being more positive.

Anyways, again we coax him in, because the coconut is going way far out and my daughter is getting a little upset because we may never get the coconut. So after this time when we coax the dog in I say "Let's just sit down, the waves will wash it in, we just have to be patience!"

So we do, but the dog looks over at us, and another dog goes for it, but then changes it's mind, that's when the big lab goes again. And we are like "Oh No!!"

But Guess What? He got it!! YAYYYYY! We all shout! Hurray! What a good dog!!

So then he's about to eat it, ...well chew it apart and we ask the owner if we can take it. She says "Of Course!"

I felt a little bad because he was such a GOOD DOG to get it, but it made my girl soooo happy! All the way home she said "It was the best day ever!"

It set our imaginations in motion...where did it come from? Hmmmm! Hawaii? Mexico? South Pacific? We all had ideas...dreams. Where do you think it came from? It still had it's stem...

Now we have a friend for Harry, my girl says! Remember Harry...we found him in Cancun \Mexico and he travelled with us from there to Merida, Palenque, San Cristobal Las Casas, Zipolite, Acapulco, Zihuatanejo, to Puerto Vallarta and finally Bucerias!!

Here's our new amigo!!


Mel said...

This made me smile. It reminds me a little of an incident with my dog when she was just a puppy. There's a boating lake quite near where we live and there were all these seagulls sat on the grass in front of it.

Our dog decided she wanted to chase them and made the mistake of looking up at them as they took off. And she ended up in the boating lake.

The irony was, her breed is supposed love water, absolutely love it but she would never go near it after that.

Didn't stop her chasing seagulls though.

Tina Winterlik said...

Hi Mel, that is funny and sad. Dogs are so silly, guess that's why we love them!!