Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kienan Hebert-Returned Home Safely!!

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Thank God!! Thank all the angels! Kienan is HOME!!! Wow! This is such fabulous news to wake up to. I prayed really hard and it was on my mind first thing this morning when I woke and I prayed and then to see it here on the web, that he is safe and home. Fabulous news!!! I'm crying tears of joy. I felt so bad for the mom and dad and especially sad when Hopley's mom made an emotional plea on the news, you could see she's not well and this whole thing must be so horrible for her. It's all very sad but so so happy that Kienan is safe and home. What a miracle.
The social media helped I am sure. It was everywhere!!! on all the buses, the children's shows ran it along the bottom of the screen, all over Twitter and Facebooks and blogs. I am so happy he's home, Thank you God!

Bill Graveland The Canadian Press 
SPARWOOD, B.C—Police say three-year-old Kienan Hebert was found safe and sound four days after he was abducted from his home in Sparwood, B.C. RCMP Cpl. Dan Moskaluk said early Sunday that the boy was returned by the suspect in the case after an emotional plea from his family. “We can confirm that 3-year-old Kienan Hebert is safe and sound and alive,” Moskaluk said during a Sunday press conference in Sparwood. “Little guys like that are very resilient and that’s what we’re seeing this morning,” Moskaluk added about Kienan. Police said someone called 911 and told authorities they would find the missing boy at the home from where he was abducted. They believe the suspected kidnapper brought him back there. A search is now on for the suspect.

The house had been cordoned off and unoccupied since the family found the boy missing Wednesday morning. They had last seen him when they put him to bed the previous evening. “Great news!” said Dave Elliott, a neighbour who was among four or five people gathered outside the house where the Hebert family has been staying, while police were combing through their own home for clues. Elliott said he did not want to say too much as the boy's father, Paul Hebert, will be speaking later about the positive outcome of a search that has drawn in hundreds of volunteers.

On Saturday, the boy's parents brushed away tears as Moskaluk confirmed that their son was kidnapped from his home in this scenic close-knit mountain community. The boy has a history of sleepwalking, and many were hoping he had perhaps just wandered away. Clasping his wife's hand tightly under the table, Paul Hebert had a message for Kienan's suspected captor, who police allege is Randall Hopley, 46, a convicted sex offender from the Sparwood area.

“We're just asking, please bring Kienan to a safe place right now, OK? Like a gas station or store parking lot where he is visibly seen and you could just drop him off there okay? Walk away,” Hebert said quietly. Read more here. Kienan's Grandparents Reaction

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