Saturday, September 24, 2011

Einstein's Theory, KPAX & Neutrinos

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So just reading the news this morning, have you heard about this "neutrinos travel faster than light" and Einstein's Theory in question. Did you ever see KPAX? Excellent, Excellent Movie starring Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges. You have to edit one part if you have to watch it with your kids, so be sure to watch it first.

It's really a fabulous movie and I love it. There's a cool part in there where they discuss Einstein and it totally made me thing of it when I read this article this morning. So read this and then go rent KPAX.

From Yahoo News
Physicists reported Thursday that sub-atomic particles called neutrinos can travel faster than light, a finding that -- if verified -- would blast a hole in Einstein's theory of relativity. Read more here

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