Thursday, September 1, 2011

Our Day at the PNE 2011

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Hey, if you didn't make it to the PNE maybe you'll want to head down after watching this video. Or if you can't go, this will show you what you missed and you can live vicariously thru us. We had a FABULOUS but exhausting day! which is norm. We did so much! Started with the Roller Coaster, we managed to somehow get front seats. Truly Amazing! Angel was so scared until we got in the line, then she calmed down. It was such a hoot and both are arms hurt from hanging on so tight. I literally stood up out of my seat while hanging on, I could not keep my butt in there. Woot! What a hoot! :) :O Very Scary, Very Fun!!

Good thing it's only once a year. It's darn expensive, don't know how people with more than one kid can go. At least there was free admission for kids this year, that makes it so more people can go. There are tons of free things to do. We made good use of the tix pass we got Angel. I only went on the Rollercoaster, she went on the rest alone. That was cool, sort of a rights of passage she's old enough to do these things by herself. She went on some rides 3 and 4x, so she got her fill.

We loved the Discovery barn, she is still young enough in heart that she enjoys these simple things and because you get a treat at the end. Last year was chocolate milk, this year cranberrys, I liked the chocolate milk idea more. It was perfect timing for us last year, she needed it :)

Like I said it's darn expensive, we packed a lunch but splurged for one hot dog $4.00 (regular plain hot dog from Gourmet Dogs) and a Minute Maid Juice from a stand $3.75...Good God...that is disgusting. There should be more water stands set up and they should be giving away or selling juice boxes for a $1. Try to make if fair for everyone. Vendors and the people attending.

Of course we wasted money on the game Popping the balloons, $7 later we had a toy, and a $4.50 Cotton Candy. 

We did see the Peking Acrobats and Super Dogs, those were great fun. Going to the Coliseum has so many memories for me. It seemed so big when I was 16 wandering around at my first concert. I went to a lot of concerts there. I have nice memories of watching Super Dogs with my mom.

There is just something about that show that makes you happy. I mean after the Peking Acrobats (who were amazing) it was 4:30 and I was literally wiped by then and ready to go, but we had more rides to do. Then racing back for Super Dogs and you get in there and everyone is so happy....the music is a good but the cheering was so loud, I had to plug my ears.

Anyways, it was Fabulous day, we won a fake mic from Global and got our photo with Wayne Cox- I'll show you later when they post it. Angel and I  had fun doing interviews (Live From the PNE) after that.

Okay here is the video. The video is 1/2 hr long, not sure how many of you will watch but it's here if you want. Enjoy!! I'll post some pics later. Cheers!!


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