Thursday, September 15, 2011


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Quoted from Open Media "set of bills that will force every phone and Internet provider to surrender Canadians’ personal information to "authorities," without a warrant."

Watch these videos(below).   Please sign the petition and share this with your friends. This is a VERY SERIOUS issue, and if we do not unitedly SPEAK UP NOW, it will be VERY DIFFICULT to change things.

It drives me crazy, more and more I feel like we are being ruled by a dictator. Crazy laws just crammed thru parliment, regular people just so busy in our lives we aren't paying attention or we don't hear about something until it's to late.

We have to be on top of this though! This is very serious. We need to setup and use the tools we have to tell the government we don't like it and they can not proceed. We have those tools. Social Media allows us to do this. It gives us the power and think carefully now, the very same tools and power that they are trying to control. They are afraid of it.

There is no doubt SOCIAL MEDIA IS POWERFUL, look how it has helped Egypt and other countries. Social Media is a wonderful tool when it comes to helping report disasters, and when spreading the word to help.Well this is a DISASTER waiting to happen.

Do Not Wait Until it's Too Late. Share these videos. Share links, talk to people about this, let as many people you know what is happening. It's our only hope to prevent going back in time. We have to protect ourselves.

I know this may sound crazy but we are not living in the time of Hitler, or when they were blackballing people or in a country where they are spying on you all the time.

We live in Canada. Canada is supposed to be this beautiful place, open minded, free, safe, we don't have to be looking over our shoulders all the time, where we don't have to be paranoid. Supposedly this law is to catch criminals, but it is badly written and many people and the whole country's freedom is in jeopardy if people don't speak up not and stop this. Read More Here

(Quoted From Open Media)The government is set to ram through a new set of electronic surveillance laws that will allow authorities to access private information of any Canadian, at any time, without a warrant. You'll be forced to pay for this online spying scheme. The government has failed to inform Canadians about the privacy and data security implications of this scheme, but Canadians are stepping up to the plate. Share these important citizen-made videos with everyone you know before it's too late—let's stand together and make our voices heard.

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