Saturday, September 5, 2015

Here is my video for PNE 2015

We had a great day at the PNE yesterday!!

It started with going on the Roller Coaster. I don't know what it is but this year I could not keep my butt in the seat, as I came around each corner and up and over the bumps, out it came and I was hanging on for "what felt like dear life" and screamed, squealed, and laughed all the while shouting "Ride Em Cowboy!! " Hah!! That was a lot of fun and once we get the coaster under our belt well then everything else is bonus.

So after that we did a few more rides. Then we were wandering looking for games when we saw the TV cameraman and I said to Angel "Let's go get on TV!" And she was all shy and didn't want to. Meanwhile I was running around the side and trying go behind...and Angel was like "Mom, No!" and I was like "Pleeeeassse, it will be so much fun, Come on, come on, come on!!"

Well they must have heard us because they asked if we wanted to be on TV. And I said "Yes!!" So Dave Gerry was doing a show called the Last Word and he was talking about the games. He did one on Wac-A- Mole and Angel got to be in the recording. It was really fun and she got to play about 3 times for free so she was super happy!!

See Angel on TV here!! (15 seconds of fame!! LOL!! :)

CTV Vancouver | The Last Word with Mike McCardell and Dave Gerry

Anyways, you know I don't like to type much. We really liked the idea of Peter Pan but it was too long...over an hour and well I am not sure that it's that appropriate with certain issues and I had to explain to Angel about how the original story is really politically incorrect in some ways. I think a different show would have been better, like Aladdin or something??? But the acting and dancing were great and I hope they do it again next year. But just make it an hour, no longer.

 We loved the Dinosaurs and these looked the best at night!! So COOL!!

And of course Super Dogs is always a big hit with us. 

We always love the animals and this year we got to pet some of the horses and that was really special for us.

Well here you go. The first is video of all the video I took and the second is a video of all the photos I took. Someday, I will edit it all correctly the right sequence with photos/videos mixed but today I am just to tired from all the excited and fun we had yesterday....and the beating my body took on the rollercoaster... LOL!!

See next post for photos!!

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