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Attack Ads, Dirty Politics & Propaganda

 So this petition is apparently based on a website with fake info

I got caught too when a friend on Facebook pointed it out.

Only in Vancouver: 

Parody condo proposal inspires petition against it


Parody condo proposal- FAKE

If this is fake
I find this interesting???? Very interesting....

 Interested parties may attend an open house, to be held at 7pm on Sunday, October 25th, 2015 at the Pan Pacific Hotel. Please contact to RSVP. Refreshments will be served.


But apparently this is real!

Downtown Vancouver church plans to build 56-storey highrise

   So my friend on FB pointed this out after I shared the  petition. And I shared it because the previous day I saw this.  And I had found this disturbing. And I thought maybe it was fake!

I shared this! "I LOVE HERITAGE BUILDINGS! and in 1999 I created some beautiful photos of Heritage Buildings and had a show. Here is a video of it. And you have to wonder why they made a fake site and the real question is who. Was it a student, was it a warning, does someone know something we don't? Was it Adbusters or someone similar...who's the joker and whose being pranked or warned?"

Now this gets even more interesting! Check out this info and video from Wikipedia about a movement from the 1930's that was trying to end poverty but interestingly it didn't succeed, NOT because the people didn't want it but they were manipulated by propaganda. It was the big movie theatres playing these clips in the theatres before all the movies.  Read below. 
Isn't that interesting how all those political ads show up before we can watch a video on a news site. (brainwashing) (advertising)

From Wikipedia
The End Poverty in California movement (EPIC) was a political campaign started in 1934 by famed socialist writer Upton Sinclair. The movement formed the basis for Sinclair’s campaign for Governor of California in 1934. The plan called for a massive public works program, sweeping tax reform, and guaranteed pensions. The plan gained major support, with thousands joining End Poverty Leagues across the state. EPIC never came to fruition due to Sinclair’s defeat in the 1934 election, but is seen as an influence on New Deal programs enacted by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

EPIC faced major opposition by the Republican Party and major media figures. Opponents of EPIC “organized the most lavish and creative dirty-tricks campaign ever seen—one that was to become a landmark in American politics” involving “turning over a major campaign to outside advertising, publicity, media and fundraising consultants for the first time.” Notable among these opponents were the heads of the major movie studios in Hollywood. This was largely due to Sinclair’s proposal to hand over idle movie studio lots to unemployed film workers to make movies of their own.

 In reaction, the studio heads threatened to move film operations to Florida, and deducted money from employee’s paychecks to give directly to the campaign of Sinclair’s Republican opponent for Governor, Frank Merriam. In addition, two of the state’s most influential media moguls, William Randolph Hearst and Harry Chandler used their papers to solely cover Merriam’s campaign and to attack Sinclair. In the face of this coordinated opposition, and without the backing of Roosevelt, Sinclair began trailing Merriam in the polls. On November 6, 1934, Merriam defeated Sinclair with 1,138,629 (48.9%) to Sinclair’s 879,537 (37.8%). Despite his defeat, Sinclair’s vote total was the twice as large as the vote total of any Democratic candidate in California history to that point. In addition, two dozen candidates running on the EPIC platform were elected to the state legislature.

Now if you are not familiar Adbusters they are known for doing some interesting they that have spurred huge things.  Like a little thing called Occupy Wall Street.

Now Occupy Wall Street doesn't just happen because someone posts a picture obviously there are many variables that play a role. But consider this?

It was recently suggested to me by my friend that, that is perhaps why we have so many homeless in Stanley Park, and now suddenly we actually have real crime, like a child almost abducted...perhaps and maybe it was all co-incidence but perhaps some evil person is trying to instill fear into people so they could fill Stanley Park with Condos.

Sounds Crazy Right? But I am sure Occupy Wall Street just sounded like a silly crazy idea to start too! But isn't it amazing how these things get started.

Can we step back and take a look at the bigger picture...who is doing the manipulating and who is being manipulated. What is the truth?

Canada is at a crossroads. We as a nation have really been damaged by things our government has done. This is not the Canada I was raised in. We are bombarded with ads fake and real every second of the day.

 Our Government has lied to us repeatedly and if there is just one thing to take a way from it all...always keep an open mind and question everything We can easily be distracted from the truth and can even get caught up in fear.

We must Chose Love Not Fear!!

I wanted to share this other great video but it's blocked for me because it has some BBC  stuff in it! So sad because it was great. It was called "A Message of Hope" this is the second, it's nice but the other was amazing.

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