Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Vote for Harper and you GIVE UP your RIGHTS and MINE!

AS AN ARTIST- I ask you to consider wisely, thoughtfully and with full clean clear conscience, IF YOU VOTE FOR HARPER, you GIVE UP your RIGHTS and MINE!

From Macleans-

An open letter from Artists Against C-51

Is it promoting terrorism if we:
  • write a spy novel about an assassination plot?
  • record a song questioning our government’s agenda?
  • paint a mural about the conflict in Syria?
  • produce a documentary on security threats in Canada?
  • put on an art show critical of the oil sands?
  • make a film with an environmental theme?
Creativity, expression, opinion, and art are not the same as terrorist propaganda. Through its “chill” effect, C-51 undermines one of the chief freedoms of a democratic society: the right of every Canadian to free speech and free expression, including free artistic expression.

In addition, Bill C-51, because of the lack of oversight and accountability, is an invitation to intellectual property theft. All creative classes, including entrepreneurs and digital creators, are threatened by it. And every citizen is subject to blackmail, due to unlimited, unaccountable access to personal information.


PLEASE https://killc51.ca


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