Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Take the Harper Out and put the Heart Back into Canada

Let's START A BRAND NEW DAY!! From my favourite beautiful town in the Kootenays, the people of Nelson, YOU ROCK!!

Thanks for your efforts. Let's keep the music going!
I will try to get the lyrics and post them here!

Written by Earl Hamilton


HerbCouch said...

I encourage anyone and everyone to sing this song if you're so inclined. - Earl Hamilton

Take the Harper(TM) out and put the Heart back into Canada (sung to the tune of Battle Hymn of the Republic )

Stephen Harper is a bully
He wants to have control over everything he sees
He¹s working on a system to destroy democracy
The Harper is its name.

Chorus :
Take the Harper out and put the heart back into Canada
Take the Harper out and put the heart back into Canada
Take the Harper out and put the heart back into Canada
Let’s start a brand new day

He thinks that mail delivery is something out of date
And union organizing is something that he hates
He wants to change our nation to a third world petro state
Don¹t let him have his way


He’s removed all the protections from our rivers and our streams
To pursue without obstructions his revolting Tar sands schemes
No matter how bad it may appear, it¹s way worse than it seems
Canada¹s darkest day.

And we now know his government won majority by fraud
But we can¹t change the outcome because he obstructs the law
The most dishonest Prime Minister that Canada ever saw
Don¹t let him have his way.


He¹s gerrymandered ridings so his party¹s sure to win
Will lower voter turnout with his fair elections spin
The question now is will we ever freely vote again?
Not if he has his was way


And now in this election Tory Candidates won¹t come
To debate with their opponents because Harper keeps them mum.
If he thinks he has our vote, then he truly thinks we¹re dumb
Don¹t let him have his way.



Tina Winterlik said...

Thank You for posting this! :D