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Ulali- Idle No More- Peoples Climate March- PARIS & BEYOND

What are you doing to Save Our Planet? 
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Ulali Project: Pura Fe', Jennifer Kreisberg, Charly Lowry, Layla Rose Locklear

From there website:
The Ulali Project made their debut in April 2014 at the River People Music Festival. Since then, the group has performed across the United States from New Mexico to the People’s Climate March in New York City. They perform familiar Ulali songs as well as new material, like the anthem, Idle No More.   The quartet is currently made up of Ulali founders, Pura Fe’ and Jennifer Kreisberg, and new additions, Charly Lowry and Layla Locklear.
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Ulali Project & Kontiwennenhawi Collaboration
Ulali is a Native American women's a cappella group. Founded in 1987, it includes Pura Fé (Tuscarora), Soni (Mayan, Apache, Yaqui), and Jennifer Kreisberg (Tuscarora).
Ulali's sound encompasses an array of indigenous music including Southeast United States choral singing (pre-blues and gospel) and pre-Columbian music. Ulali's live performances address Native struggles and accomplishments.

"Idle No More calls on all people to join in a peaceful revolution, to honour Indigenous sovereignty, and to protect the land and water"


Published on Sep 22, 2014
Indigenous leaders at the Peoples Climate March in New York speak to the urgency of Climate Change and the need for all of us to be #IdleNoMore. From the Amazon to the Arctic, Indigenous Peoples are defending our climate and teaching allies about how extractive industries are directly connected to sovereignty, colonization, and violence against Indigenous women.

Photo from Idle No More Video

Idle No More and Defenders of the Land, a network of Indigenous communities in land struggle, have joined together to issue this common call for escalating action. Our message is clear and in accordance with the principles of coexistence and mutual respect between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Peoples. We call for Canada, the provinces and the territories to:
  1. Repeal provisions of Bill C-45 (including changes to the Indian Act and Navigable Waters Act, which infringe on environmental protections, Aboriginal and Treaty rights) and abandon all pending legislation which does the same.
  2. Deepen democracy in Canada through practices such as proportional representation and consultation on all legislation concerning collective rights and environmental protections, and include legislation which restricts corporate interests.
  3. In accordance with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples’ principle of free, prior, and informed consent, respect the right of Indigenous peoples to say no to development on their territory.
  4. Cease its policy of extinguishment of Aboriginal Title and recognize and affirm Aboriginal Title and Rights, as set out in section 35 of Canada’s constitution, and recommended by the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples.
  5. Honour the spirit and intent of the historic Treaties. Officially repudiate the racist Doctrine of Discovery and the Doctrine of Terra Nullius, and abandon their use to justify the seizure of Indigenous Nations lands and wealth.
  6. Actively resist violence against women and hold a national inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls, and involve Indigenous women in the design, decision-making, process and implementation of this inquiry, as a step toward initiating a comprehensive and coordinated national action plan

Ripple Effect: The People’s Climate March One Year Later
"We’re not organizing another march in New York City this year. Setting aside Star Wars and the Godfather, sequels are rarely better, and successful social movements rarely use the same tactic over and over again. Instead, we’re mobilizing this year in Paris and around the world. There will be actions in the US on October 18th, huge marches around the world over the weekend of November 28-29th, escalated action on December 12th, and more major demonstrations taking on the fossil fuel industry next April."

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