Sunday, August 21, 2016

Fish Farms- Clean UP your sh_t & GET OUT!!!

To Everyone who watched Tragically Hip's Concert last night, I challenge you to follow through with Gord Downie's Challenge to Justin Trudeau and all of us.

Right now a Genocide continues as the Wild Salmon on the West Coast are threatened by Fish Farms, LNG, Pipeline & Tanker spills.

What's a fish farm?

Wild Salmon have sustained the people of this land since it's beginnings.


Message to the Fish Farms- 

Fish Farms are the only industry that does clean up it's manure!!!
The Musgamagw Dzawada'enuxw People are moving to get fish farms out of their traditional territory.



kingcome inlet 
Visit Cleansing Our Waters

#SeaShepherd #OperationVirusHunter #VoyageForSalmon 

What's Fishy About the Feds' Salmon Promises?
As federal Fisheries and Oceans Minister Dominic LeBlanc was in West Vancouver Tuesday, promising that his government would act on all 75 recommendations from the 2012 Cohen Commission into the decline of Fraser River sockeye salmon, independent biologist Alexandra Morton was sailing into friendly waters on northern Vancouver Island and casting doubt on the government’s intentions.

There is no substance to it,” said Morton, pointing out that LeBlanc has avoided any commitment to act on the Cohen recommendation to separate promotion of aquaculture from its duty to protect wild salmon or to put the brakes on the salmon farming industry.

#SavetheSalmon #SalmonAreSacred #SalmonCaravan

#SavetheSalmon #SalmonAreSacred #SalmonCaravan

How you can help- TAKE ACTION!

Take the Pledge to NEVER EAT FARMED SALMON!!
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