Wednesday, August 24, 2016


They will make you cry!!


Call out to all Indigenous Peoples of the world. Canadian Mining companies are destroying Indigenous land all over the world and must end.

Read about the Mount Polley Disaster News Articles here

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Today the Secwepemc Women’s Warrior Society and Ancestral Pride launch the Imperial No More Campaign. We are launching this campaign to stop Imperial Metals before they cause any more violence and devastation to the lands, waters and our lives. We are seeking support to protect our unceded territories and to ensure the children of all people can eat the salmon and breathe the air, we cannot do it without your support.

Investigation of root cause

On 18 August, the BC government with support of the Soda Creek Indian Band and Williams Lake Indian Band ordered an independent engineering investigation into the pond breach, and a third-party review of all 2014 dam safety inspections for every permitted mine's tailings pond in the province. The panel reviewing this breach was composed of Norbert Morgenstern, P.Eng., Dirk van Zyl, P.Eng., and Steven Vick. Their final report was published January 31, 2015.[12] The investigation covered many factors including the question of whether the piezometers measuring the water pressure on the dam had been located correctly. The last readings, 2 August 2014, did not show any changes in the water pressure.[2] On 1 February 2015, the Globe and Mail reported a principal finding of the panel determined the tailings dam collapsed because of its construction on underlying earth containing a layer of glacial till that had been unaccounted for by the company's original engineering contractor.[17]

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