Thursday, August 18, 2016

Wasp Sting, Ring & ER

Hello, wounded one here. :( Slow typing here because it hurts, but want to let you know what happened. I got stung on the wedding ring finger on right hand.

I should have taken the ring off right away but because it was hurting so much I didn't. I put lavender, ice, took a benadryl but it was past it's date and I was in no shape to go get some and I am broke for another couple as it is.

It was a very painful night..I had checked the wait time at St.Pauls a few times...finally at 6am the wait was 15 min so I walked there.

They took my info told go sit in at another window..took more info..the told me to go to Fastrack. So I there about 10 min. and a lady asked me my problem and then took me in.

Then this male nurse told me he was very successful at getting rings off fingers. He got one off, but the other I couldn't take the pain. He wrapped a little 1/8 in wide - shoe lace?? around it and then put lube on it. Basically squishing all the poison .. Last thing you are supposed to do, i believe.

Why when we go to the doctor or hospital we just give up all our power to this person we have no clue their experience.

Anyways after shouting- cut it off, cut it off, he finally got some little machine to cut through the metal...but he didn't have the thing to go under the ring , and it protects you from be cut or the burn for the thing cutting through.

This I realized was the original dilemma I believed, they couldn't find finger that piece and so they were going to try this other nightmarish way.

Finally the other nurse? that was helping him came with it, she'd found it.

They cut the ring off. Then said I should see a doctot. I said okay because that seemed obvious.

Then I waited...and waited. All these nurses came, into the emergency fastrack area and I swear there were like 9 nurses, men and women standing and sitting around taliking. I guess it was near shift change.

Finally I asked "where's" the doctor. They said he was with a trauma patient and had no idea when he would come..

So I said I think I will go home but may I have some ice. And then the woman said, "so you haven't seen a doctor?"

And I said "no" and I said if he's just going to look at my hand and tell me to go home, I am not going to wait.

So she asked if I had hives or an itchy throat and I said no. So she toldd me I was free to leave to which I said..Can I at least get some ice...and at least one was really on the ball and she gave me some ice and I walked home and I was so miserable..all day all night.

Finally this morning I am a bit better but loot at the really red bruising...that's because he wrapped the finger really tight and then was trying tio slip the ring over it but there wa no way it could.

I know he was joking...but it wasn't funny...he said he didn't like me because I broke his record for getting rings off.

I hate doctors and nurses...sorry..but I think the medical system killed my mom and well next time I will not let my guard down. But when we are in a lot of pain we just give in to these strangers. Granted I had a c-section and we survived but there were many errors through that process.

So folks be wary. Don't jus give yourself over. I should have demended he cut it off right away...

So I never did see a doctor...I thought that was emergency is for...

Our medical system is a mess from what I saw.

P.S while I was there I saw something sad. The young man...he thought he had mold growing under his skin... :( obviously high on something or mentally ill. Not sure how he will get through the system..

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