Friday, August 12, 2016

FOUND!! -Sacred Regalia Lost! Please Share!

Wonderful news. The hats were found. HURRAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! Thanks to the kind gentleman who kept them safe and the person who connected them with a craiglist ad. Lovely!! What great energy!Hugs all around.

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On Friday August 12th, at approximately 10:45 AM our dance group director and a few dancers were leaving our residence near Brunette and Nelson in Coquitlam, going to a performance at Blue Mountain park.
As we were packing up the vehicle, four (4) of our hand woven cedar bark hats were left on the roof of the car and accidentally forgotten there.
We are unsure of where the hats fell off the car, or where they could have landed as we were driving south on Brunette to Braid Station.
If anyone in the area has seen them or picked them up we would be forever grateful to have them returned to us.

They are invaluable, sacred pieces of our regalia and we wish to find them.

Please contact our group director:
Keane Tait
Phone: 778-990-9661
— at Maillardville.

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