Thursday, August 18, 2016

Exxon Valdez Spill will NEVER BE CLEANED UP!!

Updated.. I meant to edit the more but got stung by a wasp.  My hand is badly swollen so I am going to post as is. .. I missed going to the event at SFU and  that was upsetting. I saw it get about 10 seconds of coverage on mainstream...which shows how manipulated they are...which is why I wanted to be there to document it. anyways here's my post.
The mayor died suicide after the spill. 
Exxon promised to make them whole...said they were lucky.
Listen to the 9:39 mark and 17:40
YOU MUST HEAR THIS!! Don't turn it off.

Your life and your children's live ARE IN DANGER!!!!

This isn't made up...this is real. REAL!

This will happen here in Vancouver, it's not if a spill happens, it's when. There have been 4 spills already...

Listen, Listen...could you imagine this happening to your beach, your river, your town...STANLEY PARK-voted the most beautiful...imagine it as Prince William Sound. 20 years later and there's icky brown toxic shit on the beachs...imagine English bay...Kitsilano beach...covered in this. :(

"Bankruptcies, divorces, suicides, domestic violence spikes, substance abuse spikes, the town was unraveling"

"They were waiting for someone to help..."

Exxon just blew it all off.  They asked for 50 billion and got 5 billion.
That's what they do. LOOK AT THE AMAZON!!


Collected from the beaches 20 years after the spill
You can not hold these big corporations accountable.

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