Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Opening the Harriet Nahanee Memorial Trail- Walbran


"What I would like to see is people with [traditional] knowledge to teach the small, little people how to grow up with pride. This generation is lost. My generation is lost − they're assimilated. They don't think like an Indian. 

What I'd like to see is our five-year-olds being taught their language, their songs, their games, their spirituality, their Indian, eh, their Indian-ness. 

'd like to ask all the people out there to reclaim their culture − practice it, teach the children, and let's reclaim our backbone, our culture and put some pride in our children"
Harriet Nahanee

Harriet Nahanee also known as Tseybayotl[1] (December 7, 1935[2] – February 24, 2007) was an Indigenous rights activist, residential school alumnus, and environmental activist.

Photo by Rob Baxter- Wikipedia

"FYI Harriet Nahanee, originally from Pacheedaht and present in the Walbran Valley on the front lines in the 90's, was a lifelong activist involved in many struggles fighting for the recognition of Indigenous land rights and protection of the environment. 

She was a human rights activist and fought against discrimination, marginalization and institutionalization of Indigenous people in the cities, especially Indigenous women in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. 

She was a vital member of many movements and activist communities, and a strong role model for many including some FOCW organizers. 

We are honored to attach her name to the magnificent trail system that lies outside of the protected area of the Central Walbran Valley."

Photo below: the eloquent Bill Jones welcomes guests to the territory and calls up his chief to address the Convergence opening. July 30, 2016.



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