Wednesday, July 27, 2011

PROOF of the POWER of Positive Thought!!

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My dear American Friends, I hear there's some scary shit happening right now with your debt and it is going to affect everyone but one thing I would like to say is "STAY POSITIVE!" and the next thing is "Be Grateful!" What I mean is and I mean this for everyone...

For a couple of days now,  I have been trying not to stress. I have been down this road many times before, but lately I have been trying something different. In the mornings as I awoke, it was not that happy, Yay! What a gorgeous day...instead it has been gray and I have felt a little sad, and listless and worried...for a moment, then I remember and say to myself...It is a Beautiful Day! Thank you for...(and I begin to list all the things I am thankful for.) As I said I have done this for a few days now...and today I really had confirmation or you could call it a sign that my Positive Thoughts had been answered!.

Obviously the reason I am telling you this is that I have been worrying about money, the lack of and how to get more, worrying about the price of groceries, how everything is going up and how so many people need help and just lots of things...but I did my best to push those worries way way down and on top I piled Thank Yous!

It worked, I received something today that helped me, it was not really what I had prayed for or wished for or thought about but in an indirect way it addressed my problems and dissolved my worries for the moment.

It was not HUGE, but it was ENOUGH!

At the same time proved to me how powerful this method is. So in this time of restlessness and stress, do not do it, as much as the worries are nagging you...instead take a few moments in the morning as soon as you open your eyes and say...

It is a Beautiful Day. I am going to have the best day ever. Thank you God for my life, for my child, for my family, for my friends, for all the people who love me, for having food to eat, for having shelter, for having water to drink, for clean air...and on and on...then ask for guidance and say I will have enough for everything, I will have enough food, enough to pay the bills, enough to do the things I need to do. Everything is going to be fine.

In my prayer I said money is coming, everything is going to be okay and it did. Not alot but enough to help out for the moment. And that is what it is all about right. Living in this moment...because that is all we can do right.

Worrying and stressing will solve nothing, in fact it will only create more negative energy. Imagine the big black clouds of bad energy coming from all the stressed out people in the US right now. What if we could all think positive thoughts, and would that ever be aweome if we COULD channel it into something fabulous and wonderful.

So could you do me a favor, could you please try my little exercise. Teach it to your kids and BELIEVE! Believe in the Power of Positive Thought! Believe that there are higher powers that will help if you ask and are open and Believe.

It sure can not hurt now can it.

I have posted this video many times, but I am going to post it again. The power of positive thinking is SO POWERFUL! Check these videos out.

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