Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Good-bye Elevator, Hello Couch

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2011

Today is a funny day for me, a day of Gratitude, a day of Good-byes and New Beginnings.

Today after months of waiting they took out the old elevator...we've been using the new one for a few weeks now, and it's wonderful, but it's sort of sad too. I've lived in this building off and on for many years now.

I've had my own apartment, lived with friends, subletted and repeated this process. We moved away but came back and I'm sure we will do it again. That elevator and I had a long term relationship and I took it for granted...until today when I saw him/her being taken away by the workmen, all it's metal bits and pieces and the particle board...being compacted and thrown away.

I was sad realizing how many times that elevator had moved me, or how many birthday parties it saw, how it gave me a ride when I brought my cherub home from the hospital or all the sad moments when my mom passed and the happy moments when we left and came home from Mexico. If the walls could talk ...OMG the things that elevator saw.

Well Good bye Elevator, THANK YOU for never breaking down while I was inside, Thanks for all the rides, Thanks for the good times!!

Hello Couch. I got a new couch today! So Happy!! There was a really great sale ($150) on at London Drugs. I really needed a new couch, as I have been sleeping on this little cot thing from Ikea, but it's just not wide enough and well I had some issues a while back and got rid of the original mattress, so just had a bunch of blankets on there and basically this thing sucked because it was hard as a rock.

Anyways now I have a lovely new couch. YAY!!!

So as I said it was a Day of Gratitude. Thank you UNIVERSE for smiling on me.

I also want to thank the Universe for some of the great connections I've made lately and the gorgeous weather and for letting me be inspired.

Thank you for letting my kid learn to ride her bike and I got my bike fixed we are MOBILE! Yay!!!

So Everyday the plan is to go out an Paint. Thank You God for Inspiration!!

Well have to run, my cherub is hungry. Thank you God and the Universe for the delicious salmon, rice and carrots we are about to have. YUM!

May you all be as blessed and have a wonderful day!!

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