Wednesday, July 13, 2011

SAVE THE BUTTERFLIES--Milkweed Disappearing= No Butterflies

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2011 

It's very disturbing you know. My little girl and I have been looking and looking, last year and this year, we never see caterpillars and rarely see a butterfly. Such a shame and darn right scary. As a child, we played with caterpillars all the time. They were the brown and black ones. Really fuzzy and fun. Like a little bear. But there just aren't any. I'm sure it's the chemicals. All the spraying to keep gardens so lush, and the pulling of weeds...there was a lot of milkweed where I was as a child.

 In Mexico we saw lots of butterflies, of course we saw a drastic change from one year to the next. One year it was very very green and we would walk down this road that we call butterfly alley. Lots and lots of butterflies, it was so beautiful, they loved the bougainvilleas.

The next year it was soooooooo dry and the bougainvilleas were in bad shape and there were none until much later there was some rain and then flowers came and some butterflies came.

Please Don't Spray Chemicals. Please Plant flowers the butterflies love. We need caterpillars and butterflies.

Killing Weeds my Kill Butterflies

This is a video we made for a Travel Contest last year, we are at Monte Alban Oaxaca and Angel has found a hurt butterfly. Later she does let it go and it manages to fly away. Was pretty WONDERFUL!! :)

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