Friday, August 26, 2011

Latest Links & Blog Stats for Social Media Manager- Tina Winterlik

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So I'm trying to send off an email with all my latest links and stats and it came back. Then I had an "aha" moment and thought, well I will just share them with all of you. Here they are.

A Letter of Introduction

Hello, let me introduce myself, my name is Tina Winterlik and I am a Social Media Manager. 

I would like you to know that I know how to engage people & drive traffic, and I am sure that I can address all your Social Media, Blogging & Web Design needs. 

I have grown my blog Tina Winterlik to 23,438 pageviews in JUST 1 year as of Aug 5, please see the stats below.

I have 1700+ Twitter followers,!/zipolita

and I have great positions on Google First Pages . Also see "How I became a Social Media Manager"

I am available as a Social Media Manager or to help train your staff or clients about Social Media and I created Tina'z Social Media Website and videos in order to do that. 

My talents include Freelance Social Media Manager, Video/Filmmaker, Travel Writer, Blogger, Artist, Photographer, Web Designer and currently maintain 8 blogs.

I attended a Social Media Program at Emily Carr in Fall 2010.

I am your Social Media Super Hero. Let me Rescue You!. Please Watch my 3 min Video Social Media Superstar to the Rescue!!

Last summer, upon return from Mexico I created 74 videos about our Adventurez in Mexico, you can view them on my Blog, or on Youtube or Vimeo. (See links below)

My eventual goal for Adventurez in Mexico is to make a 2 hour movie for the web ;D

Please visit my blogs and websites for examples of blogging, design, photography, videos, writing, and social medias skills.

Please contact me to discuss this in more detail. 

Please see my on line resume at

Tina Winterlik

Current Links

Zipolita- a Portal for all my links and blogs

Tina'Z -Tina Winterlik

Tina'Z Social MediaZ Workshop

FairieZ -The Fairy Foto Lady

Facebook Tina'Z Social Media Workshop

Facebook Adventurez in Mexico

Facebook Zipolita

Four Films I Recently Created

Wall of Love- Remixed

My Videos on Youtube (Over 750)

Blog Stats for my most popular blog Tina Winterlik. 

All time Stats- Overview Blog Dates- Aug 5/2010- Aug 25/2011

Monthly Stats- July 11-Aug 25  Overview- Blog Dates- Aug 5/2010- Aug 25/2011

Stats Aug 5-2010-Blog Dates- Aug 5/2010- Aug 25/2011

Traffic Sources-Blog Dates- Aug 5/2010- Aug 25/2011

Popular Posts-Blog Dates- Aug 5/2010- Aug 25/2011
Thanks for your time,
Looking forward to speaking with you,
Best Regards,
Tina Winterlik

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