Saturday, August 13, 2011

Need some Kitchen Threadz for a Fancy Cocktail Party?

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This is so cute and this lady is brilliant. I saw this and went...why didn't I think of that, which is how all fabulous ideas strike one. I have never been one to have parties, dinner or cocktail, but for those of you that are throwing a fancy party this would be so cute. She has lots of other styles too, so check them out.

Kitchen Threadz

kitchen threadz

@kitchenthreadz_ Jax Beach, Fla
Kitchen Threadz 1-of-a-kind haute aprons will have U mincing and swaying in delight in the kitchen or as a trend setting hostess.Elevate your cooking experience
This lady is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, so check out her story.

 First, mentally discard every dowdy-Dora association that occurs when the word “apron” is mentioned. Replace them with visions of beads and bows, feathers, lace, silk and satin, and with Kitchen Threadz, a business begun two years ago by UT alumna Annette Anderson and already on the radar of saucy kitchenistas from Australia to Paris to Santa Fe.Anderson  just  put the finishing touches on a hand-crafted apron for one of the stars of Real Housewives of New YorkCity.  
It’s easy to say that an entrepreneur like Anderson has come a long way since she was a UT education major, but in her case it’s the literal truth. “I’ve been fortunate in that I’ve been able to reinvent myself several times,” she says. Business-suited AT&T employee, marketing startup owner — she did both before reducing her possessions to what she could carry in a backpack, preparatory to hitchhiking around the world.

She spent two years living in a small hut on the rural Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica, without electricity and running water. “I was clearing my mind at that point after deciding that corporate America wasn’t for me. I wanted to live a Zen sort of life,” she says. “One of the things I learned out there was that my wants and my needs were confused, that I really needed very little. I met many poor people — really poor — who were happier than those who had a lot.” Read more here

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