Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Program Manager Position- Pachamama- S.F.

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Wow, here is a great job opportunity. Who wouldn't want to live in San Francisco? Spread the word!

Awakening the Dreamer Initiative – U.S. Program Manager
Position: Full-Time
Location: San Francisco, Presidio, CA
Deadline for Application: Friday, August 26, 2011

Pachamama Job

The Position: ATD U.S. Program Manager
The purpose of this role is to manage the growth and expansion of the ATD initiative throughout the United States. Currently, the primary methods for delivering the various ATD programs are through a network of trained volunteers, through partnerships with allied organizations, and by utilizing online offerings. The ATD U.S. Manager will create and implement strategies for scaling up all of these delivery systems and will develop other delivery systems as appropriate. A key element of the role is to train, mobilize and coordinate the existing nation-wide team of volunteers and to manage the expansion of that team, ensuring that program delivery targets can be measured, met and communicated.  Read More Here

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