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Warren Buffett- Rich Should Pay More Taxes (GREEN)

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Oops! Must apologize, I had to re-post this as I spelled Mr. Buffett's name wrong. Hopefully it's all corrected now! Thanks to Big Daddy for catching it for me. 

A few weeks ago, I remember reading how this lady played "The Prosperity Game". She had these fake cheques and she would write them out every day and she had all these great reasons about it opens your mind and frees you up on how we think of money. It gets your imagination going and she even claimed that because of it, it actually helped somethings fall into place. Like that by projecting she had all that money, opportunities and money just came together and the house that she projected happened. She was able to buy it.

Now I'm a BIG believer in The Secret and the Law of Attraction. So I tried that little prosperity game but I did it different, for fun. I discovered something, I don't need too much. I mean I dream of winning the lottery like everyone else, but when I actually started trying to figure out what to do with all that money, it wasn't very long before I was giving tons of it away.

What I realized in that game- is I could be SUPER HAPPY AND HAVE EVERYTHING I NEED, for like 1.5 million dollars, and even alot of that I was giving to my family, friends and starting projects helping others.

The game, so you know works like this, on day one you get $1000, but you have to spend it ALL that day. Next day $2000, next day $3000...and so on well by Day 56, I was done, I was like charity, charity, charity.

I sure wish these people with more than they need would spread it around more.

Now what Warren Buffett said yesterday, while I was watching the news on TV, well that made me feel great.  Will people do it?, will the government make them do it?

Will they just go live in another country???

Anyways Warren Buffett said people with over $1,000,000 should be taxed higher. YES!!! I don't know know how people can have so much money and live with themselves, while they see such sadness each day. I know it's very similar to when we travel in Mexico or watching TV and seeing the starving in Africa, but seriously I am in no position to be sharing tons of money, yet I did donate a little money to Red Cross for Africa. I tried to do my share. Do those people making millions, do they do their share?

The world is horribly distorted, people obsessed with clothing, cars and other luxuries, can we ever turn things around, can we ever live more balanced...I just don't know. Of course I dream of that, but I am only one person and trying to encourage everyone to go live in a Woodland house and grow a garden, well not sure how many people I can reach.

But I LOVE this idea of the rich paying more taxes. Spread that wealth around, and make those taxes go to really green things. Solar powered houses and buildings, getting rid of fossil fuels and using other solutions, electric cars and Windmill powered devices. Greening up cities,...I mean literally putting green growing walls on citybuildings and lots of roof top gardens.  Growing tons of green food, edible schoolyards,  healthy food, so we can stop cutting the rainforest for hamburgers and stuff like that. Well you get my point.

The Windmill Farmer from Joaquin Baldwin on Vimeo.

Superhero from Nitin Das on Vimeo.

Possible Futures Film Contest Within Reach Submission from Ryan Mlynarczyk on Vimeo.

Maybe if the Rich knew their money was going for that they would happily pitch in, or maybe they should collectively create their own Rich Green Tax, where they voluntarily throw their excess in the pot to help the world. Of course it's just a dream, but it's a projection and if we project it, we can make it come true.

So I'm asking EVERYONE today to project, project that everyone that has more than a million dollars will start sharing that money and help the world.

Rich Should Pay More Taxes
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