Monday, August 8, 2011

Peace It Together

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So I was at the pool yesterday and I met 2 lovely young ladies and one was a producer and filmmaker and the other was had a writing background, and she told me she was involved in Peace It Together. I don't remember all the details as it was just a casual afternoon conversation. I remember the one girl was from Israel and the other had be recently in Dubai, but I'm not sure where she came from orignally, possibly Kuwait, I think I heard.

They were very sweet loving girls, I knew this from there generousity and the kindness they showed both me and my daughter. We had a really nice little encounter. I was very interested in them and told them I would google the program they talked about and here it is

I love the internet for the power it has of bringing us together. I may never see those girls again, or on the otherhand somehow by visiting the website and watching these films we may connect thru Facebook or Twitter. That part is pretty amazing because it was not so long ago would have just been a real follow up until we possibly met up again, but who knows what the chances of that are ..slim..

Anyways here is one the films. Check it out!
It's called Hacked-  A famous writer and his family enjoy a simple and happy life, but something is not right.
Peace it Together (formerly known as the "Creative Peace Network") formed in January 2004 as more than 50 Arab, Muslim, Jewish and other Canadian volunteers gathered in Vancouver to plan the first “Peace it Together” summer program.

The three-week camp incorporated arts, team-building and dialogue exercises, outdoor adventures and creative exploration to enable Palestinian, Israeli and local teenagers to befriend each other, learn new communication and listening skills, challenge their previously held stereotypes, and develop compassion for their “enemy.”  Read More Here

Peace It Together

Peace it Together

@peacefilms Vancouver, BC
Empowering youth to build peace through dialogue, filmmaking and multimedia.
Peacing it Together


Peace It Together

410-411 Dunsmuir St.
Vancouver, BC
V6B 1X4

 Be Sure to Watch the Trailer on this page, Super Powerful, made me laugh and cry, you can totally see the frustration but you can see the Chance of Enlightment - the "Chance of Peace"

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