Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer Celebration by the Beach

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For Immediate Release
Seaside Summer Celebration of Life, Music and Meditation
Vancouver chapter of YES!+ youth invites you to join in celebrating summer complete with acoustic music, meditation and vegetarian potluck.

Vancouver BC (August 9, 2011) - On Friday August 12, 2011 the Vancouver chapter of YES!+ Canada volunteers have organized a free, blissful and beautiful evening by the beach to celebrate the beauty of summer and life. All are invited to bring their smiles, any musical instruments, blankets, and a vegetarian dish to share in the potluck at English Bay by the ring sculpture on Beach Avenue and Nicola Street, Vancouver at 6:30 pm.

With the success of their recent Stress Free, Violence Free mini flash mob in June, YES!+ wants to keep the momentum of their message of peace, love and joy going throughout the summer. The evening will start with a soothing guided group meditation at 6:30 pm sharp, and the evening will progress with acoustic music, singing and dancing with ancient healing Sanskrit chanting.

Traditionally these gatherings are known as Satsang, coming from the Sanskrit words Sat meaning “True” and Sanga meaning “Company” where individuals would have a spiritual gathering to celebrate, meditate and share knowledge with other like minded individuals. All are invited to bring their friends and family and if possible, a vegetarian dish to share at this blissful drug and alcohol free evening to share joy and peace through music and meditation. For more information please visit the event ”Summer Celebration by the Beach” on Facebook.

About Yes!+
Yes!+ is a global movement that is committed to empowering young individuals to live free from stress with confidence and enthusiasm, building a generation of socially conscious and responsible young leaders and transforming campuses and workplaces into healthy and more productive institutions.

By strengthening one individual at a time we are dedicated to creating a stress-free and violence-free society. More information can be found at or on Facebook at

YES!+ is a global movement of young individuals with a common vision to create a stress-free and violence-free society

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