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Vancouver Latin American Film Festival- Sept 1-11

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The info below is being shared directing from the Vlaff website to help share, promote and bring awareness. :)

Vancouver Latin American Film Festival SEPT 1-11

Vancouver  Latin American Film Festival

Vancouver Latin America Film Festival

VLAFF is a registered  non-profit charitable organization with the mission to provide a forum for the promotion and exhibition of Latin American cinema. This annual festival promotes dialogue between cultures and explores historical and social issues through the eyes of filmmakers.

Since 2003, VLAFF has continued to provide audiences with the unique opportunity of experiencing Latin American cinema in Vancouver.

VLAFF Mission
  • To conduct a Film Festival for the purpose of educating and advancing the public’s understanding and appreciation of Latin American cinema.
  • To conduct educational workshops and seminars.
  • To provide independent filmmakers with the opportunity to display their artistic efforts.
  • To provide Canadian audiences with an opportunity to observe a variety of films, which closely reflect the society and people of Latin American countries.
  • To generate a network between the Canadian and Latin American film industries and forge an artistic alliance between the two.


420 - 111 Hastings Street West
Vancouver, BC, V6B 1H4
Tel. 1-604-708-5657

Vancouver Latin American Film Festival SEPT 1-11

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