Friday, August 12, 2011

Watch -"The Truth about Spring"- Truly a Classic

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The Truth about Spring

Omg, what a GREAT MOVIE! I had never seen all of it, just one part a friend always showed me. But we got a copy and watched it last night! It's so great. Beautiful scenery, it's filmed way back in 1964, I was 2. The colours and well just everything about it is really special. The story is truly a classic, dealing with all the awkward things, but what I love is how the dad has raised her by himself. What's even more cool that is Haley Mills actual dad in the film John Mills. You definitely need to watch this movie. Truly a Classic.

 From Wikipedia-
Spring lives with her father aboard a run down sail boat in the Caribbean. She has lived a simple and isolated life and has never felt desire or love until Ashton joins in them for a zany adventure involving buried treasure. In the end no treasure is found, only a long sunken slaver. However, Spring does find love and a husband.

Ashton comes aboard the Sarah Tyler for some fishing and ends up in a modern day pirates adventure. He comes from a wealthy Philadelphia family and had graduated from Harvard Law School. He falls in love with Spring and envies her simple and honest lifestyle. At the beginning of the film Spring takes a dislike to Ashton - a variation of Pride and Prejudice where boy meets girl and girl hates boy. At the end of the film she realizes she is in love and against all sense of propriety, Ashton asks Spring for her hand.

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Hayley Mills ...  Spring Tyler
John Mills ...  Tommy Tyler
James MacArthur ...  William Ashton
Lionel Jeffries ...  Cark
Harry Andrews ...  Sellers
Niall MacGinnis ...  Cleary

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