Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Deborah Ledon


Captivating… Electrifying… Unforgettable…
Sexy singer-songwriter and seasoned entertainer Deborah Ledon is as extraordinary as her life story. 

A native Cuban, her family pulled off a daring escape to Canada when she was just a two-year-old toddling around her impoverished neighbourhood looking for food. 

That audacious theme seems to have set the stage for her life. 

Deborah frequently draws from her challenging life experiences for lyrical inspiration and earned international acclaim with her raw and edgy album “Spilling Inside Out”.

Deborah has a powerful melodic voice and a spellbinding stage presence. A crowd favorite at jazz festivals, the vocally versatile high-energy dynamo has fronted and toured with a variety of bands, ranging from a 25-piece big jazz/swing band to country, rock, punk, dance and Latin bands. Now backed by some of Vancouver’s most talented musicians, Deborah is boldly reclaiming her Cuban heritage with an exotic, seductive jazzy sound that is captivating an ever-increasing stream of fans.

Career highlights:
  • Played two separate shows at the 2010 Cultural Olympiad
  • Performed alongside top jazz artists in Jazzilla 2010
  • Only Latin act to perform at River Rock Casino – 3 years and counting!
  • Performed at the 2009 TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival
  • Grand finale at the 2010 TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival
  • Only artist to perform at Harmony Arts Festival for 4 consecutive years
  • Showcased on CBC Radio’s “Hot Air” program
  • Voted Best New Jazz & Folk artist in the U.K. in 2004
  • Album ranked one of the best on Euro-Americana charts in 2005
  • Made history at the Cellar Jazz Club by being the first performer ever to get people up dancing
  • Performed at the Vancouver Art Gallery’s prestigious “Black and Orange Ball”
  • Shared the stage with Paul Anka at the River Rock Casino
  • Sings with the Ultimate Elvis Showband
  • Performed for the Marriot Hotel chain
  • Fronted the house band at the Parkway Best Western for 8 years 
Photo by Vince at Vision Nouvelle
"Latin, Torch & Sexy Jazz" is this triple-threat Diva's body-moving, smile inducing and soul uplifting offering.

"We should live our passion". 

Latin-Jazz, Jazz, Dance, World
Deborah Ledon- vocals
Graig Robertson- sax, guitar, bkg. vocals
Brent Gubbels- bass
Chris Haas- drums
Nick Apivor- percussion
Boris Favre- keyboards. bkg. vocals
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Record Label
"Latin, Torch & Sexy Jazz" is this triple-threat Diva's body-moving, smile inducing and soul uplifting offering.

"We should live our passion".

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